THAI TUESDAY: The Lego Movie



Less then 5 minutes in, and I love this movie. It is genius, what I was hoping for was a movie like wreck it Ralph, and I think we have it! I seem to be having issues writing this review. Which is good, it means that I am focused on the movie itself. Bon Cop/Bad Cop may be my favorite character, and the fact that he is voiced by Liam Neeson is just a bonus. I seriously want a Double Decker couch, why is that not a thing? I love that the animation is like CGI and stop motion had a lego shaped baby. Hello Middle Zealand! I want to go to there! HAHA Green Lantern is a loser even as a Lego! the confusion between Gandalf and Dumbledore is hilarious. You know what was the thing that struck me the most? the fact that the characters only move in ways that Lego figures would move. So their hands don’t bend, but their heads do turn 60 degrees, but not in a creep Exorcist kind of way.

OMG the amount of freaking out that happened when the Millennium Falcon showed up and all the Star Wars characters started to pop out is just nuts, I can’t, I just can’t! The “Independence Day” speech was fantastic! The end is awesome, seriously watch this movie, its the shitz, with a a Z so you know I’m serial! And then the credits start rolling, and it all makes sense… Phil Lord, JESUS CHRIST! That explains why EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

Love it/Hate it: I love the cast, just when I thought I was done freaking out about one person (Chris Pratt any one, no just me, he is SO underrated!) , then there is Will Arnett. The pop culture references are also great!hate, that my sister has all the Lego’s because she has a kid and I don’t, cuz now I can’t play with them!

Favorite Quote:  Today will not be known as Taco Tuesday. It will be known as freedom Friday, but still on a Tuesday!

My Rating:  9 and a half Kragle tubes out of 10.

Other Ratings: IMDB – 8.0 stars out of 10. Rotten Tomatoes – 96%. Flixster – 88%. Entertainment Weekly – A. Sourcefed Nerd – Steve gave it 8 out 10 and Trisha gave it a 10 out of 10.

As always, have a geektastic day, see you next time!


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