MONDAY RECAP: GAME OF THRONES: SEASON 4 Episode 8 The Mountain and the Viper




We start this week’s episode in Mole’s Town, and i don’t know about you, but from the moment that I realize were we are, I know that it is going to end poorly. And oh look, wildlings! This has been coming for quite some time, no one can be particularly surprised. From the moment that Sam brought Gilly to the whore house “for her own good” we knew that the curse of GoT would come back to bite him the plump rump.

Sam believes that she is dead, and blames himself. They discuss what affect this will have on Castle Black. Fact is that they need to start figuring their shit out before it hits the fan.


Grey Worm is caught looking at Missandei for just a bit to long. Which leads Dany to ask if they take the frank and the beans. Good question. The relationship between Missandei and Grey Worm is so sweet and tragic.

Sir Berristan received a letter and goes to see Sir Jorah to reveal the royal pardon that was sent after her spied on his beloved. Jorah requests to speak to Dany in private but is turned down. We then see him go to her throne room. She asks him flat out why he received a pardon. He points out that this is Tiwyn’s doing, that he is trying to tare them apart. And I do believe that he is right, but that does not excuse his behavior. She is hurt, and he is heart broken, because he knows that nothing good will come of this revelation. She exiles him, she wants nothing to do with him. this is hard to watch. We have known since season 1 what he did, but he fell in love with her, he stopped her from being poisoned and has worked only for her ever since.


Theon, Reek, Theon, boy that poor guy. His identity issues must be killing him. He walks into Moat Cailin with a white flag to convince them to retreat. The fact the their leader can’t stand up without randomly toppling over, but that doesn’t stop him from refusing Theon’s offer, but then he gets an axe in the head from one of his own me. I guess they are home sick.

Ramsey offers Moat Cailin to his father. He gets re-payed with nobility, literally. This makes him very happy! And it’s back to Reek, seriously he is going to need some serious head shrinkage.


Littlefinger fights for his claim to rule the Vale. Here is a man who is playing the hell out of the Game of Thrones. Poor Sansa must endure some more questioning. It never gets easier for her. She tells them the truth about who she is, and I am not sure if this is smart or not. When it comes time to tell what happened to Aunt Crazy Pants, she puts on a good act. Telling the council of old people that her Aunt killed herself. Is this some self preservation that I sense? But they believe her, mostly because the women was completely bonkers. He then tries to convince the Depends council that Lord Robyn needs to take the Iron Throne.

In the scene that follows I actually ask out loud if Sansa is getting smart. She vouched for Littlefinger because if they hang him, what will they do to her? When she tells him that she knows what he wants and he asks if she really does she just looks at him, and I feel like she does.

I freakin love Arya. Her reaction when she is told that her aunt has died makes me lol for realz. And kapow Sansa is a women! Just like that!

King’s Landing

Tyrion and Jaime enjoy a good bit of reminiscing. I have trully loved these scenes between the brothers. and now the moment that we have all been waiting for. The Viper has been waiting for this moment for many years. Now someone has to explain to me how killing someone proves that you are innocent of killing someone… But this is still a fun scene. Prince Antonio Banderas fully intends on getting his revenge, and he does some fancy foot work. ‘You reaped her, you murdered her, you killed her children” he repeats over and over again. But he will not let the Mountain die until he feces up to this and this would be his undoing, and our beloved Tyrion. Peter Dinklage’s face is priceless. side note, this scene was a lot grosser in the show then I remember it being in the book. Is it just me?

Lets be clear the comment section is a spoiler freeish zone. What that means is you can discuss anything that has happened on the TV show thus far. If you have read the books, and you spoil anything for the rest of us. I will hunt you down and make you watch all the Twilight Movies in marathon with no breaks Clockwork Orange style.


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