King’s Landing

After the coronation of King Tommen, Cersei and Margaery have a schokingly civilized conversation. This seems terribly out of charecter for Cersei. Cersei seems to be fully on board for the union of Tommen and Margaery. Which naturally has me suspicious. Kings Landing seems to revolve around Cersei today. We see her meet with Margaery, Tywin, and Prince Oberyn. She is a busy woman. She fears for her daughter, and no amount of reassurance can help “every were in the world they hurt little girls”. We see a rare tender moment for her, and yet I still can’t help but feel that there is some plan behind it.

Across the Narrow Sea

Dany is being counselled by the men in her entourage. She makes the decision to not sail for Westeroes and I want to smack my head against my key board because I desperately want to see her attack  with her dragons.

Vale of Arryn

Little Finger and Sansa make their way to the gates that would lead to the Vale. And hey look, its crazy and crazy spawn. If you thought for a second that Lady Lysa had grown sane, well you were wrong. As for Robyn he’s still a spoiled brat. We found that she is bat shit crazy for Little Finger. And he looks like he wants to throw up in his mouth.

Sansa gets the 3rd digree from aunty dearest. She sees what we all do, that Petyr has some interest in the young woman that is not entirely PG-13. Sansa is forced to swear that she is still a virgin, poor girl, it never does get easier for her.

On the King’s Road

Arya goes through her nightly list, she explains what the list means to the Hound, and then names him. The next morning Arya shows off the skills that she was taught by Syrio, I love how loyal she is to him (I still secretly hope that he made it out of that fight).

We get to see some very bad green screen with Pod and Brienne. As Pod struggles with his horse, Brienne tries, unsuccessfully to free Pod. But he isn’t the kind to just cut and run. After failing to cook a meal, Pod gets rebuffed when trying to help Brienne with her armor. While discussing his responsibility’s while working for Tyrion, Brienne realizes that she may have underestimated him. He may seem like a goof, but he has a lot ( 😉 ) to offer.


Jojen has seen better days, he looks like he is about to give out at any moment. The way he talks does not lend much faith that he will recover either. Bran comes this close (holds up fingers) to be reunited with John, as the men of the Watch get ready to retake Craster’s Keep. Of coarse, Locke betrays John and tries to kidnap Bran (I have been shouting at my screen since he introduced himself to John trying to warn him, but John just would not listen). But Bran takes over poor Hodor’s body and free’s himself?! and then the Reeds (including girl Reed who I just can not be bothered to remember his name. John proceeds to fight Karl, he wins. And Snow fights with Rast, Snow wins (YAY). The apisode ends with Craster’s wives being freed and the burning of the Keep


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