My Geeky Advent Calandar! Dec. 3, 2013: Last Day of Hanuka

ImageI adore this movie! It is Adam Sandler at his best. It has all the elements required for a good holiday movie: songs, an important life lesson, explosions! What’s not to love? Granted this is not a movie for kids. But even adults who are not a fan of the typical holiday movie can enjoy this one, mostly because its not a typical holiday movie. I loved this movie so much that I got the sound track and play it all year round!

Love it/Hate it: I love Whitey, he is such a likeable character, and his song At The Mall, is my favourite of the movie. Hated the scene with the pooping deer, never was a big fan of poop humour, its unnecessary and not funny if you are over the age of 5, and as I said, this isn’t a kid movie.

Favourite Quote: [while Whitey is having a seizure] Okay, that’s it no one wants to see an old man die! Fatty’s team loses cuz I wanna see him cry again.

My Rating: 6 Cray Nights out of 8.

Other Ratings: IMDB – 5.2 stars out of 10. Rotten Tomatoes – 12%. Flixster – 51%.

Have a geektastic day, see you next time!


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