My very first post!


Good evening interwebs,

this morning while I was standing at the bus stop on my way to work, I saw a man passing branches through a wood chipper. Which naturally bought a smile to my face as I thought of one of my favourite mock horror movies: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. So, naturally, after getting home from work, I put it in to watch. I can’t even tell you how many times I have watched it since it originally came out on blu-ray in 2011. I was introduced to this movie by pure chance. I was loading a digital copy to my iTunes account, not particularly paying attention, when an image caught my eye. I immediately texted my dad and asked if he had heard of it… Not only had he heard of it but he had purchased it. I borrowed and watched it not too long after and fell in love and bought my own copy.

This movie takes a look at the hillbilly horror movie genera and twists it around by asking “what does the other side look like”. I absolutely love Alan Tudyk and would love to see more of Tyler Labine. I highly recommend this movie, and if you have seen the movie then I hope that you have also watched “The College Kids POV” featurette. IF you haven’t go watch it now… Or we just can’t be friends any more.Not every one will “get” this movie, but those that will have special place in my heart.

Don’t believe me that this movie is the awesome? Well Rotten Tomatoes and Flixtser each gave it an 84% and IMDB awarded it 7.5 stars out 10. Entertainment Weekly graded it in at a B-. As well as an overall good review by the Philip DeFranco movie club.

Have a geektastic day, see you next time!


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